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Your hearing is a finite resource, yet hearing health is rarely given the same level of respect as optometry health or physical health.

As you’ve reached this website, we assume that you’re here as either yourself or a loved one is experiencing some form of hearing loss or have concerns surrounding your hearing health.

We understand that this can feel worrying – but often, the solution is quick, simple, and nothing to worry about.

But in the same way that you’d visit your eye doctor if you had concerns over your vision, your first step is to book your hearing evaluation so that we can determine the reasons for your reduced hearing.



The problem with hearing loss is that in most cases, you’re unaware of it, as you can’t hear what you can’t hear.

It’s why regular hearing screenings are so important in order to catch any signs of hearing loss in the early stages.

Our hearing evaluations are quick, painless, and allow us to comprehensively test your hearing in less than 20 minutes.


We take our balance for granted, that’s until we have problems with it.

Sensory information about motion, equilibrium, and spatial orientation is provided by your vestibular apparatus that lives in each of your ears.

When the vestibular organs on both sides of your head are functioning properly, they send symmetrical impulses to the brain – but when they’re not, this can cause dizziness and balance problems.

We’re vestibular specialists, if you have any concerns, then we can help.


With the progression of technology over the past decade, hearing aids have drastically changed from the large clunky devices that we remember our elderly relatives wearing.

Today, they boast incredible technology and in some cases, are almost invisible.

If we discover that you require hearing aids in order to benefit your hearing, then we’ll work with you to find the right fit, the right style, and the right budget to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Concerned that you may be experiencing signs of hearing loss?

download your Free Guide by Acadian Hearing’s Team of Audiologists: “The Three Signs of Hearing Loss to Look Out For”

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Dr. Heidi J. Sorrells

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Dr. Bridget B. Garrido

Doctor of Audiology


Doctor of Audiology

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These people treated me so good! Great service! Very professional. Changed my whole life.”

Michael Sandrock

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