Why Thousands of Local People Choose Us

#1 – Trusted by Thousands of Local Families

It’s rarely just the person that has the hearing loss that is impacted by their hearing challenges; it’s often the people around them also. By working closely with families, we’re able to not just support the patient but also their loved ones to ensure there’s collaboration to achieve better hearing.

This means that you’re always encouraged to bring loved ones along for appointments, and to this day, we have incredible relationships with hundreds of local families.

#2 – Serving Lake Charles for Over 35 Years

Acadian Hearing Services has a rich reputation for serving the Lake Charles communities for over 35 years, helping thousands of local people on their journeys to better hearing. You can be confident that we’re a clinic that has dealt with nearly every possible hearing challenge and helped to find a resolution.

#3 – Largest practice in town

We have three audiologists and two hearing aid specialists in our practices. This means more specialists to assist you with your hearing healthcare needs in a timely fashion.

#4 – Trusted by Local Physicians

There’s no greater honor than being the trusted hearing care professional that local physicians and medical professionals choose to recommend.

#5 – Proudly Independent

As an independent business, we are not tied to any manufacturers or large corporate structures that prevent us from making the right decisions for our patients. This ensures that you’re partnering with a passionate small business owner that only wins when you win!

#6 – Follow The Highest Audiological Standards and Best Practices

We are committed to providing unparalleled hearing healthcare and continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Our dedicated team stays at the forefront of the industry by attending the most prestigious conferences and utilizing cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal outcomes for our patients. We are passionate about improving the lives of those we serve, and our ongoing investment in the latest innovations is a testament to this commitment.

#7 – We Can Help you to Maximize Your Insurance Benefits

By partnering with all major insurance companies, we can speak to them on your behalf, navigate the fine-print and ask the right questions to help you to maximize any benefits that you have available, and gain access to the best possible hearing care/technology while minimizing your out-of-pocket expense.

#8 – On-Site Repairs and Maintenance

Whether you purchased your hearing devices from us or elsewhere, we’re passionate about healthy hearing in our communities and have on-site repairs and maintenance services available at our clinic. With state-of-the-art equipment and access to an array of parts/replacements through our hearing aid manufacturer partners, we’re able to help solve most challenges internally and can work with manufacturers for more complex repairs.

#9 – Two Convenient Locations on Both Sides of Town

With tastefully decorated offices and plenty of parking available at both of our locations, this is far from a stuffy medical environment with a busy waiting room and lack of parking. In most cases, parking will be available right outside our door.

#10 – Exceptional Follow-up Care (We’re Always Here for You.)

Better hearing requires much more than a hearing aid, it requires a long-term partnership with a team of hearing professionals. Follow-up care with us includes ongoing office visits to provide encouragement as you adjust to new hearing aids as well as providing fine tuning and maintenance so they perform at the highest possible level.

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