Introducing The SWLA Strong Holiday Hearing Aid Giveaway: Rewarding a Special Somebody With The Help That They Deserve

Last November, we ran a competition where we invited you to nominate a special somebody to win a complimentary pair of hearing aids and premium care.

A deserving winner, Mr. Lee, was chosen and we were incredibly proud to greatly impact the life of him and his family.

However, with this year being devastating to our community and more people in need of help than ever before, we want to help more people in need by running the competition again.

Introducing our ‘SWLA Strong Holiday Hearing Aid Giveaway’

This year has truly showed us who the heroes are within our community as we’ve pulled together, helped others and dealt with some of the biggest challenges that we’ve ever faced.

If you have somebody in mind that you believe deserves to win a complimentary pair of hearing devices as well our premium care, then you can nominate them by completing the form on this page.

You could nominate yourself, it could be a loved one or it could be somebody within the community, but if they’re experiencing hearing challenges and either do not have the financial means to address their hearing challenges or would never want to make a fuss about themselves, we would love to help them.

Nominations are open until November 30th, a winner will then be selected at random and announced.

Please share this competition with anybody that you believe would benefit from it, and together, let’s reward the heroes within our community.

==Nominations Have Now Ended==