Acadian Gives Back – Our Way to Ensure That Everybody in Lake Charles Has Access to Better Hearing

The past 18 months have been incredibly challenging for Lake Charles.

  • The virus changed the way we live
  • The hurricanes destroyed what we call home
  • And the rebuild has been slow and painful

But throughout this heart-breaking time, the spirit of this local community has shone brightly and we feel incredibly proud to call Lake Charles our home.

But more than ever, we find ourselves speaking to local people that are experiencing hearing challenges but either have other priorities or do not have the financial means to get help.

It truly breaks our heart, and we want to do something to help.

Introducing our ‘Acadian Gives Back’ Program

Nobody in this community should have to live with a hearing loss.

This new program is aimed at ensuring that everybody has access to better hearing regardless of their income, background or circumstances.

We’re now looking for incredible, deserving local people to fit with professionally refurbished hearing devices that have been donated by our incredible patients, to help them to achieve better hearing and care for their hearing health.

If you know somebody that needs help with their hearing but currently finds themselves experiencing hard times, then we would love to hear about them. This can be yourself or, another special person in your life. 

You can complete the form on this page and if you/they meet the criteria, we’ll reach out and invite you/them to have a complimentary hearing test and be fitted with a pair of refurbished hearing aids.

There is zero cost and this is our way to ensure that this community prospers and the people that deserve help, receive it.

 Nominate Yourself Or Somebody Special For The ‘Acadian Gives Back ‘ Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Criteria to Quality for This Program?

We’re looking for people that do not have the financial means to address their hearing challenges but are motivated to receive our help.

Like anything, the hearing aid isn’t an overnight solution, but we’ll work with them to ensure they’re hearing to the best of their ability.

Q: What Hearing Aids Will They Be Fitted With?

The hearing aids will vary – these devices are second-hand and have been donated by our patients and refurbished by our in-house team.

They will be a great entry-point to better hearing and help your long-term hearing health.

Q: Can I Nominate Somebody Outside of SWLA?

This program is solely for Lake Charles and surrounding communities in SWLA.

We have been hit so hard recently, and we want to ensure that local deserving people get the help they need.

Q: What if I Don’t Qualify?

If you don’t qualify for this program but have the financial means to address your hearing challenges, then we encourage you to give us a call.

We’ll be able to book your comprehensive hearing assessment and explore the options available to you if you need any help.