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Would You Like To Check If Your Hearing Care Is Covered By Your Insurance Benefits?

There’s a lot of confusion about what insurance benefits cover you for when it comes to your hearing care.

Whether you’re just covered for a hearing test or whether you’re covered for premium technology and your hearing care.

But as each insurance company typically offers a range of packages covering different levels of hearing care and cover, you may be unsure as to what your insurance covers you for.

At this time, we partner with BCBS, United Healthcare, Louisiana Healthcare Connections, Cigna and VA Choice, as well as covering a select number of Aetna® plans. This means that if you’re unsure as to what your insurance benefits cover you for, we can help.

Complete the form on this page, we will then contact you to schedule your appointment. In the meantime, we’ll contact your insurance provider and discover exactly what you’re entitled to.

We will then share the news with you at your appointment and help you to explore the options available to you.


This Service Is Only For Those Residing In Louisiana