Dr. Heidi j. Sorrells, Doctor of Audiology at Acadian Hearing Services

Meet Dr. Sorrells

Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Heidi J. Sorrells obtained her doctorate degree from Salus University in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania and master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Minot State University in Minot, North Dakota. Dr. Sorrells is a certified audiologist by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and she holds a Louisiana and a Texas Audiology License.

Dr. Sorrells enjoys all aspects of working in a private practice audiology clinic but especially loves the challenges of vestibular (balance) assessment and rehabilitation.

Dr. Sorrells was born and raised in a small town called Bottineau in North Dakota. She decided early on that the long, harsh winters were not for her and made her way down to warmer weather.

Outside of work, Dr. Sorrells is especially fond of spending time traveling with her husband, spending time with friends and family, hiking, biking, and reading.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Italy, anyone who knows me knows I love Italian cuisine Additionally I would want to be able to see all the historical high points. My first trip there, I don’t want to relax, I just want to east and explore the entire time & come home exhausted!

Q What is your favorite meal?

My favorite meal has always been and will always be my mom’s roast and homemade noodles. This was my family tradition growing up. The roast would be in the oven while we were at church and then when we arrived home, my mom would make the homemade noodles and cook in the roast broth.

Q What is your favorite book or movie?

Movie; Princess Bride. Hands down the best movie ever. I’m also thrilled that my young kids are also hooked. It makes me laugh when my 6-year-old says ‘Inconceivable!’ in daily conversation like Vizzini in Princess Bride! I don’t like to typically watch movies more than once, but this is an exception!

Q If you could go to dinner with any celebrity, who would it be?

Will Ferrell! It would be great if a portion of our dinner was him pretending to be Harry Caray. He is just so hilarious
My only fear is that he wouldn’t be as fun or funny in real life!

Q What is your favorite candy/dessert?

Homemade ice cream! Plain vanilla homemade ice cream with home-made hot fudge sauce. Give it to me in the summer or cold winter but just don’t try and put any fruit in it!!

Q If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I’d choose to be in more than one place at the same time. I’d like to be at work, taking my kids to sports practices, cleaning my house, doing my laundry, going to meetings, all at the same time, it would make things so much easier if I could do it without being confined to just one place at a time!

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