So what is the difference between Acadian and Costco?

Acadian Hearing Services vs. Costco [What’s The Big Difference?]

by | May 29, 2023 | Hearing aids, Patient Resources

The biggest misconception in the world of hearing care is that the solution to hearing loss is a set of hearing aids.

The truth is, great technology is only a small part of the puzzle, with the much more important component being the several other steps required to achieve better hearing.

This misconception often results in people looking online or visiting big box stores to purchase hearing devices. One of the most popular places people go is Costco.

The big question is, What’s the difference between buying hearing aids from Costco and choosing to partner with a team of local hearing care partners at Acadian Hearing Services?

The Vast Difference Between Hearing Aids and Hearing Care

In this article, I want to answer that question for you to help you decide the best option for yourself depending on your unique circumstances.

But before I share some side-by-side comparisons, allow me to explain the biggest difference. We at Acadian sell hearing care, whereas many stores simply sell hearing aids.

You could compare it to the dental world.

You could buy some teeth whitening equipment at a cheap price and receive the help of somebody who has an understanding of what they’re doing, with limited follow-up support.

Or you could partner with a highly renowned dentist who would professionally whiten your teeth, offer you follow-up appointments, continue to monitor your overall oral health, and help you get a better long-term result.

The world of hearing care is almost identical.

Here is the side-by-side comparison of the key differences. At the top of the comparison, you’ll see the level of warranty that you receive.

Explaining the Difference in Warranty

With Costco, you receive a three-year Repair Warranty and Service, with two years of Loss and Damage Warranty.

This means that they’ll take your devices in for repair for three years (whether while you wait or by sending them off to the manufacturer), and you’ll receive two years of coverage for if you lose or severely damage your devices.

However, with Acadian Hearing Services’ “All-Inclusive” service, you receive four years of our Repair Warranty, your Loss and Damage Warranty, and four years of in-office repairs and service (please note that other treatment plans with reduced warranties are available).

This gives you extra coverage and peace of mind. We also include “loaners,” which means that if your devices break or need repair, we’ll fit you with a courtesy pair to ensure you’re never without—this is something we do for patients that many do not.

Superior Service With All the Extras

By working with Acadian Hearing, you are also guaranteed to receive the highest level of audiological care.

With doctors of audiology on our team, you can be confident that we’re not just addressing a hearing challenge, but we’re also caring for your overall hearing health.

Hearing aids are not always the answer, and an expert team like ours is able to diagnose and help when that is the case.

We also offer comprehensive hearing assessments and annual examinations.

This includes a methodical testing process that follows all best practices to accurately understand the reasons for and the level of your hearing challenges.

Take your first step towards better hearing

Costco’s Pricing and Our Payment Plans

However, you can’t deny that Costco has great prices.

With hearing technology from as low as $1,599.99 (as of May 2023), they can be the ideal first step for a budget-focused individual.

But if you are on a limited budget, one area where Acadian Hearing Services can help where Costco cannot is helping you utilize your insurance benefits by working with you to check and maximize them.

We also have payment plan options, allowing you to step into better hearing from as low as $99/month, rather than paying out of pocket.

Another reason that many patients choose to partner with Acadian Hearing Services is for the convenience, with access to “tele-audiology” services and curbside appointments, allowing you to receive simple, low-contact care at a level that you’re comfortable with.

Choosing What’s Right for You

The most important thing is that you take your first step towards better hearing, however and wherever you choose to do it.

My hope is that this article has helped you to be more informed on the key differences to make a smarter decision, whether for yourself or a loved one.

If you have any questions or would like anything clarified, call our friendly team at (337) 436-3277.

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