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Let’s cut to the chase. Hearing aids don’t come cheap. With an average cost of $3,000–$7,000, it is a large investment.

So, why exactly are these tiny electrical devices so expensive?


The research and development

Billions of dollars have been invested in creating state-of-the-art technology for hearing aids, particularly over the last decade. For example, tiny microphones now send a signal to a computer chip within the hearing aid, which modifies incoming frequencies to allow you to hear them more clearly.


The technology

As well as efficiently and effectively increasing the power of your hearing, new hearing aid technology enables you to connect to digital devices around the house. Can’t hear your cell in the next room? No problem. Seamless connection to technology via the internet or Bluetooth means you can live your life without irritating interruption.


The size

Hearing aids are now so tiny they are practically invisible. The device is either completely contained within your inner ear, or in its largest form, has a small transparent tube along the inside of your ear. Squashing all of that cutting-edge technology into such a small device is no mean feat.


The warranty

Our more advanced hearing aids come with a warranty that is four times as long as our more basic models. All of our hearing aids are robust devices, but accidents do happen. Being dropped or trodden on, or perhaps falling into water could cause damage to your device that would need professional servicing to repair. We can also do any cleaning, repairs, and maintenance right here in the office.


Retailer costs

Expensive and frequent licensing for Audiologists, office overheads, research, ongoing training costs and the price of cutting-edge equipment all need to be factored into the cost of the hearing aid.


Let’s talk about your budget

If money was no object, we would, of course, fit every single one of our patients with top-of-the-line hearing aids, with all the latest features and benefits. But we are aware that people have wide-ranging budgets, so we find people the best option possible for the money that they have available.

Here at Acadian Hearing, we are able to provide you with the market-leading hearing aid devices and have options to suit all budgets and lifestyles. View our hearing aid styles here. If you would like to discuss the options available to you with one of our audiologists please fill in the form with your details to request a callback.

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Dr. Heidi J Sorrells - Audiologist

Dr. Heidi J. Sorrells obtained her doctorate degree from Salus University in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, and master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Minot State University in Minot, North Dakota. She is a certified audiologist by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), and she holds a Louisiana and a Texas audiology license. Dr. Sorrells enjoys all aspects of working in a private practice audiology clinic but especially loves the challenges of vestibular (balance) assessment and rehabilitation.