How Often Should I Replace My Hearing Aids?

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One of the major benefits of advanced technology hearing aids is their capacity to eliminate feedback or whistling, allowing you to communicate with family and friends without interruption.

This, along with greater clarity, connectivity, reducing background noise, and more, are among the advantages of a hearing device that is performing as designed. When your hearing device is not functioning at its highest level, it could mean that it is time to upgrade to a new device.

A common question among my Southwestern Louisiana patients is, “How often should I replace my hearing aids? Here are some reasons upgrading to a new device might be your best hearing care solution.

Reasons for Upgrading Your Devices

Hearing aid performance is one of the most common reasons for upgrading your hearing aids, but there are others to keep in mind as well. To get the most benefit possible from your hearing aids, you should consider replacing your device for 5 different reasons, including:

  1. The Device is Out of Warranty – Repair and replacement costs become an added out-of-pocket expense after the warranty expires. Coverage for damage or misplaced devices goes away once it is out of warranty.
  2. The Device Has an Extensive Repair History – Basically, regardless of its age, if your device has been in the shop a lot, replace it before it becomes a major financial drain, especially if it’s still in warranty.
  3. To Take Advantage of New Technology – Like cell phones, hearing aid technology changes rapidly. Devices more than five years old become obsolete. Upgrading allows you to take advantage of better performance and a host of new features.
  4. To Accommodate Changes to Your Hearing – A variety of health concerns as well as aging can contribute to your hearing. Upgrading to a new device when your hearing needs change is a necessary part of better hearing care.
  5. When You Have Changed Your Occupation or Lifestyle – Changing to a different style or different level of technology might be necessary to accommodate certain occupations and a more or less active lifestyle.

How Long Will a Hearing Aid Last?

Depending on the style of hearing aid and other factors, hearing aids last between three and five years.  We find that most people change their hearing aids every three to five years to keep up with technology.

We highly recommend an upgrade when your device’s warranty expires to retain the peace of mind that comes with warranty coverage.

Acadian Hearing has a trade-in program that allows you to upgrade to new technology. As added encouragement, your donated hearing aids are fitted to others who have a significant financial need.

Helping You Continue Your Hearing Health Journey

When performing as designed and with the proper programming to meet your needs, hearing aids provide a broad range of advantages. Using our trade-in program allows you to get the most benefit from your device and helps others in need to be fitted with a hearing device.

Me and my team of hearing care experts at Acadian Hearing Services have the experience and expertise to help you determine when your hearing aids are meeting your needs as well as when it is time to replace them with a different style or different level of technology.

If you or a loved one is ready to upgrade their devices or want advice on your options, contact our friendly team at the main or South Lake Charles location nearest you to find out how we can help support you in your next steps to better hearing.

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Jessica L. Pittman

Jessica Pittman joined the Acadian Hearing team in 2015 to assist with patient care and marketing. She holds a degree in marketing from McNeese State University. While working in the front office, she was able to train with the audiologists and in turn, earned her license as a hearing aid specialist in Louisiana. As with most of our staff, Jessica wears many hats at Acadian Hearing. In addition to working on hearing aids, she is certified by CAOHC to perform hearing testing for local industries. She is also our insurance and billing specialist and will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Jessica lives in Lake Charles with her husband Jared. She is a Louisiana native, born and raised in Sulphur. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, sewing, and spending time with friends and family.