Poor Sound Quality in Hearing Aids Reported by iPhone 12 Users

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I understand that working with technology can cause plenty of frustration for our patients in Southwest Louisiana.

We expect tech giants like Apple to work out all the bugs before releasing a product or update.

A fellow techy recently informed me that Apple dropped the ball with the latest iOS 14 update and the release of the iPhone 12, which causes pairing problems with hearing aids, giving some hearing aid users discomfort and disruption to incoming sounds.

As frustrating as this is, my hearing aid technician colleagues at Acadian Hearing Services are on top of the issue and eager to help our patients with troubleshooting.

To help put you at ease regarding your hearing aids, let’s walk through the issue and the response you can expect from Apple regarding a viable solution.

Identifying the Issue

Most users’ primary problem involves Bluetooth connectivity when attempting to pair devices to the newly released iPhone 12, which included the release of the iOS 14 software update at the same time.

Apple discussion forum users help narrow down the source of the problem as most of them are experiencing no pairing issues using iOS 14 with an iPhone 11 Pro or older models. Consequently, it appears that the bugs are mostly with the iPhone 12.

Where these issues relate to Acadian Hearing Services users is using Bluetooth to pair their hearing aids to their iPhone 12.

Sound Distortion in Your Hearing Aids

The primary issues, as I understand it, relates to a great deal of distortion or static in hearing aids paired to the iPhone.

Users report uncomfortably loud noise in hearing aids, especially during phone calls.

In addition to distortion, there is a touchy connection with sound cutting out completely in one or both ears.

Similar issues were reported in the fall of 2019 with the release of the iOS 13 software update, which also caused Bluetooth connectivity issues for hearing aid wearers.

My friend was right; it appears that Apple dropped the ball with their newest release when they already had previous hearing aid pairing issues.

When Will it be Fixed?

You can imagine that a tech giant like Apple would be covered up by many bugs and faults to work out every time they release a new device or software update.

The issue was to be resolved in the iOS 14.2 update, but forum users report that the issue persists even after this most recent update.

Apple reports that issues for its Made for iPhone hearing devices will be addressed as they roll out future updates of iOS 14 software.

I can assure you of one thing with complete certainty because iPhone 12 user complaints relate to Bluetooth connectivity issues in pairing many devices. Your hearing aids are not to blame.

Acadian Hearing Services Supports You

If it was in our power to solve the problem on Apple’s behalf, our team of hearing aid technicians would be hard at work on your behalf.

We have the experience, equipment, and expertise to help troubleshoot your hearing devices, whether you are an existing patient or someone new to our services.

The team and I provide cleaning, regular maintenance, and repairs to ensure that our Southwest Louisiana users get the most benefit from their hearing aids.

If you need troubleshooting help or any of the hearing aid services we provide, click here to find out more or schedule an appointment at Acadian Hearing Services today.

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Jessica L. Pittman

Jessica Pittman joined the Acadian Hearing team in 2015 to assist with patient care and marketing. She holds a degree in marketing from McNeese State University. While working in the front office, she was able to train with the audiologists and in turn, earned her license as a hearing aid specialist in Louisiana. As with most of our staff, Jessica wears many hats at Acadian Hearing. In addition to working on hearing aids, she is certified by CAOHC to perform hearing testing for local industries. She is also our insurance and billing specialist and will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Jessica lives in Lake Charles with her husband Jared. She is a Louisiana native, born and raised in Sulphur. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, sewing, and spending time with friends and family.