who cares what anyone else says? what do they know?

8 Perfectly Rational Reasons To NOT Treat Your Hearing Loss

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

Yes, we know you’re tired of relatives claiming they think you have a hearing loss when you know better. If your hearing was at all bad, you’d know it!

Just like the 86% of people who have some form of a hearing challenge but have yet to visit a professional. But of course, you’re not one of them.

Because you’re not old and neither is your hearing. Your mind is young, and you are strong, independent, and smart. Your family are just being rude!

So, without further ado, let’s get started on learning this list of 8 reasons as to why you’re so right and why they’re oh so wrong so you can be ready to strike back. It’s the least they deserve.

1. Shake Those Walls, Baby!

This world has gone mad and you’re ready to get back to when life was good. The volume button was made for a reason, and you’re going to use it!

Now you can live in nostalgia by lying on your sofa with the speakers on full and the windows and walls shaking to the beat. No one else living in the house will mind. If they do, they’re about to get an education in the fine arts.

The louder the better, you say. The louder the better.

2. It Gets You Out Of Grocery Shopping

It’s not your fault young ones these days can’t enunciate their words properly, and now that they’re wearing masks to boot, it makes no sense to send you grocery shopping.

Much easier to have the person who cooks and cleans and washes your undies go instead. It would be terrible if you brought home the wrong thing. Let them do it.

3. What Better Way To Avoid Kids Asking For Money?

You’re not a walking bank, and the peacefulness you have achieved by not having the kids hit you up for money because you can’t hear them, is priceless.

Why would you want to join in on anything your kids or grandkids talk about anyway? Seriously. You’re so done with that part of your life. Conversation is for cottonheaded ninnymuggins.

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4. Silence Is Golden In This Marriage

They’re the ones who promised to love you forever, and this is part of the package. If you’ve become rather fond of your own company, they have to step in line with that and not bother talking again. Ever.

If you talk, naturally, they’ll have to listen, but not the other way around. It’s part of the deal. Why would you ever volunteer to wear a hearing aid to hear that again when you can watch your spouse slowly retreat instead?

5. Hearing Aids Are For Wimps

No one in their right mind would want a hearing aid attached to their ear when they can keep on keeping on instead.

It’s such a huge sign of weakness to wear a helping device. That’s like wearing kryptonite! Just boycott all help and act like the superhero you are.

6. You’d Rather Spend Money On Things That Actually Matter

Why on earth would you want to spend even a penny on something you don’t even need? You can hear just fine as long as these silly people around you speak clearly and slowly and stop their darned whispering. It’s their problem, not yours.

7. You’re Way Past Listening To A Boss

Who needs to listen to a boss when you’ve worked the job longer than she has?

You know how to do your job, and you don’t need anyone telling you how to do it. If your boss doesn’t like it, she can hire extra help and leave you be.

8. It Makes Them Pay To Play

You’ve paid your dues. You’ve worked hard for decades, and now it’s the family’s turn – their turn to pull their weight and make an effort to communicate.

It’s about time, to be honest. Then you can accuse everyone else of ruining your relationships even though you’re dismantling them all by yourself by not getting hearing help.

Yes, This Is Very Much A Joke … But It Contains A Serious Message

Obviously, we’re making light of many of the excuses we’ve heard at Acadian Hearing Services since 1986, but we hate that so many people delay or avoid having their hearing checked and treated when so much help is possible.

Hearing health is so important, and the sooner it’s diagnosed and treated, the better the long-term effect of it on you and your family. Not to mention the end to your family’s frustration and efforts to help you function independently.

The thing about hearing loss is that it happens very slowly, so while the change might not be noticeable to you, it is to those around you. When they tell you that you might have a hearing loss, they’re probably right.

The first step to seeing if it’s true is to take a hearing test. It’s non-invasive and quick, and you can get the results in the same visit, along with treatment options, if any are recommended.

This way, you’ll know for sure and can make your decisions from there.

Contact us to set up a comprehensive hearing assessment at our Lake Charles or Lake Charles South location.

Or call us at 337-436-3277 with any questions you have about the assessment or about hearing treatment options.

Helping you or a loved one on your journey to better hearing is our favorite thing, and we’re looking forward to meeting you!

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Dr. Bridget B. Garrido, Au.D.

Dr. Garrido joined the Acadian Hearing & Speech Services team in 1994. She received her doctorate of audiology from Salus University in Elkins Park, PA, a master’s degree in communication disorders from LSU Medical Center in New Orleans, and an undergraduate degree from LSU Baton Rouge. Dr. Garrido is certified nationally from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and holds Louisiana state licensure.