Is Your Hearing Loss Temporary or Permanent?

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Hearing loss is not something to fool around with regardless of whether your hearing loss is temporary or permanent. Because hearing loss can have a significant effect on other health issues, an appointment with a hearing care professional is essential not only to better hearing but also to better overall health. To encourage my patients in Lake Charles to take any form of hearing loss seriously, I put together a short guide to the symptoms causes and solutions for temporary hearing loss as well as why it is essential to get it checked out by an audiologist.

Common Forms of Temporary Hearing Loss

Temporary hearing loss is pretty standard, but that does not mean it is something you can ignore. Left untreated, temporary hearing loss can lead to permanent hearing loss. In most cases, temporary hearing loss is the result of one of 5 simple causes, requiring simple solutions, such as:

Ear Infections
Ear infections often develop when you have a cold or flu that affects your upper respiratory system or sinuses. Though they typically clear up on their own, some cases require antibiotic treatment. Still, infections and inflammation, especially in children, may require the insertion of ear tubes to correct chronic issues.

Ear Canal Obstructions
Sensations like feeling plugged up or ringing in your ears along with muffled sound are likely the result of some type of obstruction in the ear canal. The most common cause is wax buildup, but other possibilities are bugs or other small objects that somehow find their way into the ear canal. Digging at these obstructions with hairpins, cotton swabs, and other crude instruments can cause more damage and permanent hearing loss, so it is best to let an audiologist clear out obstructions.

Overdoing It with Exercise
It is not uncommon for people to experience temporary hearing loss from overdoing it with exercise. Whenever you push beyond what your fitness level can handle, you might experience temporary hearing loss. Symptoms typically disappear within a few hours, but if they persist, you better see an audiologist for advice and or treatment.

Ringing or buzzing in the ears, known as tinnitus, can be a symptom of high blood pressure or hypertension. Tinnitus often goes away when those experiencing hypertension seek medical treatment for their condition.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
Hearing loss or tinnitus symptoms can also occur after brief exposure to a loud noise like an explosion or firing a firearm as well as extended exposure to loud noise like power tools or a rock concert. In most cases, your hearing will return to normal within a few hours, but ongoing exposure to loud noises without protection can lead to permanent hearing loss. Various types of earplugs and earmuffs are available for use with home equipment, recreational or occupational use. An audiologist can provide you with the best solution for multiple types of exposure and noise levels.

Why Is It Important to See an Audiologist for Temporary Hearing Loss?

Because there is no way of knowing whether your hearing loss is temporary or permanent until you have a professional hearing exam, it is essential to see an audiologist to correct and/or limit damage to your hearing. Acadian Hearing and I apply professional solutions to all types of hearing loss for our patients in Lake Charles at both of our locations. Contact us for more information or take advantage of our Access Audiology appointments available. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Dr. Juliana Carriere-Marcantel, Au.D.

Dr. Juliana Carriere-Marcantel joined the Acadian Hearing team in 2017. A native of Sulphur, LA, Dr. Marcantel received a bachelor’s degree from Lamar University. She graduated with her doctorate in audiology from the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans in 2014. She holds an audiology license in Louisiana as well as Texas. Following graduation, Dr. Marcantel worked in Beaumont at Southeast Texas ENT. She enjoys all aspects of audiology and finds helping patients to hear better to be very rewarding.