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How Can I Help A Loved One With Hearing Loss?

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Studies show that over 28 million US adults could benefit from wearing hearing aids, but less than 30% of that number have tried them. There are millions of people all over the country with an untreated hearing loss, which affects them and their loved ones.

If you suspect a loved one has a hearing loss, you need to approach the subject with sensitivity.

At Acadian Hearing Services, we often see patients come in for help after some gentle encouragement from a loved one, and it’s wonderful to see them leave feeling more confident and often amazed by their new hearing aids.

How To Tell If a Loved One Has a Hearing Loss

If your husband or wife has a hearing loss, you’re likely to be the first to know. You might repeat yourself more often, and the TV volume is too loud for your hearing.

But if it’s a family member you don’t live with, it can be harder to notice the early signs of a hearing loss. A common giveaway is when they become withdrawn, turning down invitations, and avoiding social gatherings.

They may seem depressed and forgetful, which is often down to not hearing things rather than a memory fault.

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How To Broach The Subject

If you think your loved one has hearing loss, the first thing to do is to do some research. Unfortunately, many people are resistant to the idea that they have hearing loss, and common misconceptions suggest that only old people wear hearing aids. 

This is not true. Your research on the topic could help provide them with evidence of the prevalence of hearing loss in people as young as 12.

Some figures about how common it is, and information about modern hearing aids, which are very small and discreet, can help bring your loved one around.

Choose a quiet time when the two of you can talk without distractions, and perhaps start the conversation by telling them about the changes you’ve noticed in them.

You could get friends and family members to talk to them too if they are particularly resistant to the idea. Get them to explain how your loved one’s hearing loss affects them, rather than just nagging them to do something about it.

Book a Hearing Test

Even if your loved one won’t discuss hearing aids, if you can persuade them to have a hearing test, that’s half the battle. An excellent way to do this is to suggest you both have your hearing tested as a general hearing health check-up.

At Acadian Hearing Services, our audiologists are experts in diagnosing and treating hearing loss. We can speak to your loved ones to ensure they understand the implications of untreated hearing loss and support them through their journey to better hearing.

If you or a loved one is ready to schedule a comprehensive hearing assessment with Lake Charles’ leading hearing specialists, please fill out the form on this page, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly to confirm your appointment.

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