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Investing in Your Hearing Aids with a Payment Plan

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When it comes to investing in hearing aids, one of your three choices along with paying ‘out of pocket’ and through our ‘Leasing program’ is to pay via a Payment Plan. In this article, I’m going to share what a Payment Plan is, and the two options that are available to our patients at Acadian Hearing Service.s

What is a Payment Plan? 

Payment plans allow you to split your investment over a period of time, in order to help you to afford expensive items by splitting the fee into smaller affordable chunks. Payment plans are heavily used in numerous industries, from furnishings to buying cell phones, and allow you to pay for your by splitting your investment into regular payments. When it comes to investing in your hearing care, there are two forms of payment plans currently available.

Payment Plan One – 90 Day, No Interest, 50% Down

The first option is a zero finance, no credit-check option where you invest 50% of the total value of your hearing devices on the day of your commitment, with the rest of your investment being spread over the following 90 days. This option is ideal if you want some flexibility over your investment and don’t want to pay the full fee up-front, to split the costs over the following three months.

Payment Plan Two – 12 Months, No Interest, No Money Down

The second option is to spread your investment over 12-months through our partnership with ‘Care Credit’ that offer a no interest plan, allowing you to split your investment over twelve monthly payments. This option requires a credit-check and an approval decision, but allows you to pay for your hearing care package and devices over an extended period of time with an incredible zero percent interest.

Your Next Steps

If you’d like to take advantage of a 0% interest payment plan when investing in your hearing aids, then please mention this to your audiologist at your appointment and they’ll be able to discuss in more detail. However, if you have any questions, then you can contact our friendly team: 337-436-3277

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Dr. Heidi J Sorrells - Audiologist

Dr. Heidi J. Sorrells obtained her doctorate degree from Salus University in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, and master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Minot State University in Minot, North Dakota. She is a certified audiologist by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), and she holds a Louisiana and a Texas audiology license. Dr. Sorrells enjoys all aspects of working in a private practice audiology clinic but especially loves the challenges of vestibular (balance) assessment and rehabilitation.