Local business is the backbone of our great community, and we are so happy this place is a part of it.

Love Local: ‘Cast & Clever’ is a Perfect Surf & Turf Joint

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Local News, Love Local, Patient Resources

Supporting local businesses is something we love to do. We are often the recipients of such love and want to ensure that the whole community is coming together to enjoy each other’s company and business.

It’s places like this that make it so enjoyable to live here in Southwestern Louisiana. The southern hospitality is alive and well at this place, and that’s what keeps us going to Cast & Clever so often.

Sometimes with a restaurant it’s not only about the food but the atmosphere and the people as well. While I can’t say a bad thing about the food, the staff and the ambiance make this a memorable restaurant and a staple in the community.

Here’s Why We Love It

We only recently came upon this restaurant. My husband wanted to check it out after church one Sunday about a year ago.

This Cajun restaurant is a hidden gem in Sulphur. My husband suggested we go there and it was terrific. It’s a laid-back restaurant featuring “Anything that is caught with a casting rod or is cut with a cleaver.” 

They have a regular menu but brunch specials are written on a large chalkboard. They feature only seafood from the USA.

Cast & Cleaver
Check Out Their Delicious Menu And Location Here.

Local Advice

Now that we’ve been there a few times (we won’t tell you how many times), we have started to develop a system to maximize our enjoyment. Due to the popularity of this place, we have found the best times to go.

Sundays around 12:30 are the busy times. Like us, many people enjoy a great meal after church. If you can, try to get there on a weeknight or as close to noon as possible.

This will reduce your chances of waiting in line. If you go when it’s less busy, you give the incredible staff a chance to do what they do best: provide you with top-notch service.

Being able to discuss the menu with your server is also a bonus since they are so knowledgeable about everything that comes out of that kitchen.

children enjoying food at Cast and Cleaver

Where to Find Them

Cast & Clever is located in Sulphur, LA, which is just west of Lake Charles.

It’s a short distance away, and even if it were further, it would still be worth the drive.

You can check out their Facebook page here to get your mouth watering as you scope out your next meal.


Make sure you tell them we said ‘Hi’ on your next visit and who knows, maybe we’ll see you there soon!

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