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Love Local: Lulu’s—Specialty Snocones and More

by | Jun 11, 2023 | Love Local, Patient Resources

At Acadian Hearing, we take a lot of pride in being a part of the local business community in the Lake Charles area. We believe supporting local business owners is a great way to give back to our community and keep the Lake Charles area thriving. We love shining a spotlight on other local businesses that deserve recognition—and there are quite a few in our community!

Today, I’m highlighting a special business that’s loved by children and adults alike—Lulu’s! If you haven’t tried one of Lulu’s specialty snocones, you’re missing out.

Why We Love Lulu’s

We love Lulu’s for their amazing specialty snocones and friendly service. Lulu’s offers snocones with a variety of flavor options and toppings like fruit, cotton candy, and even pieces of cheesecake. The possibilities are truly endless, and they are almost as fun to look at as they are to eat. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the pickle slush! There’s nothing better to cool you down in the Louisiana heat.

But Lulu’s doesn’t just have snocones. They also serve delicious food items like nachos, sandwiches, frito pie, and more! Lulu’s offers something for everyone—they even have treats for your dog.

Learn more about Lulu's

Everything Lulu’s serves is high quality, and the staff are always friendly and welcoming.

Lulu’s is located on Country Club Road, but they also have a food truck and regularly work private events. They were recently at Hamilton Christian School for Teacher Appreciation Week—as you can imagine, it was a huge hit!

We love that Lulu’s supports other local businesses in the Lake Charles area. The owners, Ashley and Jonathan Frantz, regularly shout out other small businesses and members of the community on their social pages. That kind of support is what keeps the local businesses in our area thriving.

One look at Lulu’s raving customer reviews will tell you all you need to know about what a great establishment it is. One customer even commented that they had the nicest experience they’ve ever had anywhere, due to Lulu’s incredibly helpful, kind staff.

Lulu’s Specialty

A Word to First-Time Visitors

Lulu’s is popular, so be prepared to wait in a line. The line may be long, but Lulu’s is organized and the line moves quickly. I promise it’s worth the wait! You can’t go wrong with any of the snocones. If you’re looking for something savory to go with your snocone, get the nachos.

And be warned—once you try your first Lulu’s snocone, you’ll definitely go back for more.

Where to Find Lulu’s

Lulu’s is a hidden gem located behind the Goodwill on Country Club Road. Note that they share a parking lot with the Goodwill. Their address is:

  • 2735 Country Club Rd
  • Lake Charles, LA 70605
  • Tel. (337) 263-9929

If you’re interested in having Lulu’s cater your private event, you can send an email to [email protected].

Lulu’s Specialty snocones food truck

You can also keep up with Lulu’s on Facebook and Instagram, where they regularly announce specials and share cute photos of their favorite four-legged customers. Check out Lulu’s on TikTok to see plenty of videos featuring the fun, colorful snocones.

I’m confident that you’ll love Lulu’s as much as I do. If you stop by, let me know what your favorite menu item is! And please continue to support the local businesses in our community.

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Do you know somebody that needs to see this? Why not share it?

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