How to troubleshoot remote assist issues on ReSound smart 3d app

Troubleshooting Issues on the ReSound Smart 3D App

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Many challenges have popped up in nearly every sector of society due to restrictions and limitations related to COVID. Sheltering in place has also helped to reveal functionality and operating issues in a variety of systems and services. One of these services, relating to in-person contact with hearing aid technicians, includes problems using the ReSound Assist feature included in the ReSound Smart 3D App. In an attempt to help alleviate these issues, I am providing a quick guide for fixing common problems related to using the Resound Assist feature on the ReSound Smart 3D App.

What Is ReSound Assist?

The ReSound Smart 3D App has a unique built-in feature called ReSound Assist included in the software.  ReSound Assist provides hearing aid users with remote access to a hearing aid specialist in place of in-person contact. Hearing aid users can request fine-tuning, adjustments and updates of their ReSound hearing aids from a technician, which allows the hearing care professional to update the settings from a remote location. Though it is a viable solution to meet a critical need in under the current circumstances, the feature also allows users to take advantage of professional adjustments at work, on vacation or on-the-go.

Resound Assist Access

To access the ReSound Assist feature on your Resound Smart 3D app, open the app and look for the “My ReSound” option. After obtaining this option, make a note of the items listed in the menu. If you see the option to “Activate ReSound Assist,” you can click on it and follow the instructions to activate the feature. If it is not there, contact your hearing care professional to enable this feature.

Where to Find New Settings

The hearing aid technician will send you a “push notice,” which will alert you that new settings for your device are available. To activate these new settings on your device, you will need to locate them for installation. Open the “My ReSound” menu, look for “My Requests and New Settings” and follow the directions for loading these setting into your hearing device.

How to Return to Old Settings

New settings do not always fix the issues you are having with your hearing aids, so you might want to go back to the previous settings. Access “My ReSound” and locate “My Requests and New Settings.” An option to “Restore to Previous Settings” will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select this option and follow the subsequent instructions to reinstall the old settings on your device.

Issues Connecting with Resound Assist

There are three common connectivity issues related to using ReSound Assist, but they are easy to fix.

1) Verify that you have an active Wifi or cellular connection on your Smartphone.
2) If you have a connection, but do not see the feature in the “My ReSound” menu, just swipe your finger down the screen to refresh it.
3) If refreshing did not solve the problem, GN Online Services are likely temporarily unavailable, and you will have to try again later.

Software Updates

Two different methods for updating hearing aid software in the ReSound Smart 3D App are available. Under normal circumstances, you can visit your hearing care professional who can check for and install updates for you. However, due to current restrictions, you can access “My ReSound,” and locate the option “Hearing Aids Software Update.” Open this menu option and follow the instructions to download the update.

Where to Find Software Updates

You can determine if you have the latest update by browsing the app store on your phone. If an update is available, use the instructions listed above to download updates. Once the download is complete, open the “My ReSound” menu, locate “Activate ReSound Assist” and follow the instructions to activate the newest update on your device.

Acadian Hearing Can Help

Acadian Hearing has set up a service we call Access Audiology, which allows our patients access to other members of our staff and me for hearing healthcare consultation using video conferencing. This is a handy way to get face-to-face assistance in accessing and using the ReSound Assist feature as well as other hearing care-related questions and concerns. Contact us for more information about the ReSound Smart 3D app and its features, to get help using it or to set up an appointment using our Access Audiology service.

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