Patient Stories


“Please don’t hesitate. These people are true professionals, and they can change your life.”

The danger of hearing loss is that it is often misunderstood, and many people don’t take it seriously. For Colleen, it became a family joke.

“For several years I misunderstood what my family were saying. It started out as a family joke. They’d say, you need hearing aids.”

Once she came to terms with her hearing loss, it didn’t take her long to do something about it.

“My desire to be able to HEAR properly obliterated my fears. I just knew that I needed help.”

Trying to find the right audiologist for you is an important part of your hearing journey, however, she had heard about Acadian Hearing and decided to approach us.

“They came highly recommended. I soon discovered that their good views were earned. They were so kind and PATIENT with me.”

Looking back on her hearing, she has been so impressed with the results.

“The improvement in my hearing increased my quality of life much more than I expected. What a joy it was!”

While Colleen was eager to do something about her hearing, she understands that not everyone wants to face it. Her message to others in her position is simple:

“Please don’t hesitate. These people are true professionals, and they can change your life.”

– Colleen


“The nicest people, Acadian Hearing is the place to go”

When Darren first came to terms with his hearing loss, he remembers it as not good and was surprised at how bad it was.

He admits that he did have some slight concerns before visiting Acadian Hearing as he was worried that he wouldn’t find the best hearing aid for him.

Upon his arrival, any of his worries were soon gone and he knew he was in the right place as he was surrounded by “the nicest people”.

Looking back on how hearing aids have impacted his life, he believes that they are “amazing”, and he would never look back.

He encourages others to do something about their hearing and recommends Acadian Hearing as “the place to go”.

– Darren


“For over 30 years Acadian Hearing has been my go-to-place for all my hearing needs. That should speak volumes of my confidence and trust in their team.”

Maria first discovered she had hearing loss by chance.

Back when Maria was volunteering at a school her 6-year-old son was attending, the school nurse was testing hearing on that particular day.

As a demonstration, she tested her hearing to the class and the results shocked her.

“I was shocked to learn I had hearing loss in both ears. I had no idea! I was so young. I had further testing by an audiologist and an ENT doctor.

“I even had a delicate inner ear surgery in one ear by a specialist in New Orleans, which only gave temporary positive results. It was confirmed. I would continue to gradually lose my hearing in both ears. I have now worn hearing aids for over 40 years.”

Shortly after, she purchased her first pair of hearing aids and her journey to better hearing began. However, as she became unsatisfied with her current devices, she looked to see if she could find something better. Soon after, she came across Acadian Hearing.

While at first it can be intimidating going to a new clinic, she was really impressed and found them to be “professional and at the same time friendly and welcoming.”

Hearing aids have made a huge impact on Maria’s life and she greatly relies on them to live her life.

“I am so grateful that I can be helped by wearing hearing aids. They are so vital in my everyday life! The first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I take off at night!”

While she sees her hearing aids as her lifeline, she wouldn’t be where she is without Acadian Hearing.

“For over 30 years Acadian Hearing has been my go-to-place for all my hearing needs. That should speak volumes of my confidence and trust in their team.”

The friendly staff have made it all worthwhile and there was one doctor in particular that stood out.

“For most of those years Dr. Garrido has been my audiologist. She seems to anticipate my hearing needs. When I could no longer hear my alarm clock, she introduced me to a device that connects to my bedside lamp.

At the time I have set, the lamp flashes on and off. The light wakes me up!”

– Maria


“You will never know how much you are missing until you get tested and see what they can do!!!”

Hearing loss manifests itself differently upon person to person. Some people may have it due to genetics, whereas someone else may have it from noise damage.

For Alan, it came as a complete shock as he couldn’t work out why his hearing loss was so bad.

“I did not understand how I had lost my hearing. I work in a quiet office setting and had not been around heavy equipment all my life…and I was only 45 years old.”

He had heard about Acadian Hearing previously and often recommended his own patients to them. All of them were satisfied with the care they had received.

What stood out the most was that “they provided great service and spent all the time with me that I needed.”

Hearing well was particularly important in his own medical role. Hearing aids have made a huge difference to his life.

“I have been able to continue to function at a professional level “listening” to my own patients and not constantly having to have them repeat themselves.

“At home I never watch much TV, but I don’t have to turn up the volume on my music so loud that everyone else knows “the old music” that I’m listening to…”

While Alan’s hearing loss came as a shock to him, he urges others to get their hearing tested.

“You will never know how much you are missing until you get tested and see what they can do!!!”

– Alan


“Don’t wait go see them now. They are the best.”

Betty, like many others, didn’t initially notice the signs of hearing loss at first. However, it slowly began to affect her at work.

During one particular instance, a co-worker was standing at the office door and she “couldn’t understand what she was saying.”

At this point, she was desperate to do something about her hearing and her immediate thoughts were “I hope they can help me.”

Since having her hearing aids fitted, she has noticed many changes to her life. But the key difference she has noticed is that “I can now hear even my great-grandkids when they are asking questions.”

Betty’s life has changed in many ways as a result of hearing aids. She wants others to experience the difference for themselves adding, “Don’t wait go see them now. They are the best.”

She rates Acadian Hearing as 10/10.

– Betty


“Excellent and professional service”

When Michael first visited Acadian Hearing, was overall impressed with the “excellent and professional service”.

Since having his hearing aids fitted, he has seen a “superb improvement” in his hearing, and he is so glad that he has taken the first step to better hearing.

– Michael