Patient Stories

Darren, a hearing loss patient of Acadian Hearing Services


“The nicest people”

Hearing loss can slowly take away the most treasured parts of one’s life.

For Darren, he was most worried about “not hearing the grandkids.”

Prior to coming to Acadian Hearing Services, his main goal was “finding the best hearing aid.”

He describes the Acadian team as “the nicest people” and after having a comprehensive hearing assessment, he was fitted with hearing aids, which he describes simply as “amazing.”

Rating Acadian Hearing Services 10/10, he encourages others to also make an appointment, saying it’s “the place to go.”​

– Darren


“These people are true professionals”

At first, Colleen’s hearing loss seemed funny, but soon it became clear it wasn’t a laughing matter.

Colleen recalls, “For several years, I misunderstood what my family were saying. It started out as a family joke. ‘You need hearing aids. Ha!’ It got progressively worse.”

Before visiting Acadian Hearing Services, Colleen didn’t have any worries. She says, “My desire to be able to HEAR properly obliterated my fears. I just knew that I needed help.”

According to Colleen, Acadian “came highly recommended” and she “soon discovered that their good reviews were earned.” She adds, “They were so kind and PATIENT with me.”

Colleen is grateful for her hearing aids. “The improvement in my hearing increased my quality of life much more than I expected. What a joy it was!” she exclaims.

She hopes others will pick up the phone and contact Acadian Hearing Services for an appointment. “Please don’t hesitate,” she says. “These people are true professionals, and they can change your life.”

– Colleen

Colleen, a hearing loss patient of Acadian Hearing Services
Maria, a satisfied hearing aid user of Acadian Hearing Services


“For over 30 years Acadian Hearing has been my go-to-place for all my hearing needs.”

Maria has worn hearing aids for over 40 years, but she recalls the moment she discovered she had a hearing loss quite vividly.

She says, “I was 26 years old and volunteering at the school my 6-year-old son was attending. The school nurse was testing hearing that day. By chance, she demonstrated the equipment by testing my hearing. I was shocked to learn I had hearing loss in both ears. I had no idea! I was so young.”

Following this, Maria underwent further testing and even surgery, but sadly, it became evident her hearing loss was here to stay. She says, “I had further testing by an audiologist and an ENT doctor. Even had a delicate inner ear surgery in one ear by a specialist in New Orleans, which only gave temporary positive results.

“It was confirmed. I would continue to gradually lose my hearing in both ears.”

When Maria first came to Acadian Hearing Services, she had been wearing hearing aids for ten years and was looking to purchase a new pair.

Remembering her first appointment, she says the team was “professional and at the same time friendly and welcoming.”

Hearing aids have made a huge impact on Maria’s life. She says, “I am so grateful that I can be helped by wearing hearing aids. They are so vital in my everyday life! The first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I take off at night!”

She encourages prospective patients, “Run, don’t walk there! For over 30 years, Acadian Hearing has been my go-to place for all my hearing needs. That should speak volumes of my confidence and trust in their team.

“For most of those years, Dr. Garrido has been my audiologist. She seems to anticipate my hearing needs.

“When I could no longer hear my alarm clock, she introduced me to a device that connects to my bedside lamp. At the time I have set, the lamp flashes on and off. The light wakes me up!”

Maria gives Acadian Hearing Services a 10/10 rating.

– Maria


“They provided great service.”

Alan’s hearing loss was a mystery to him.

He recalls, “I did not understand how I had lost my hearing. I work in a quiet office setting and had not been around heavy equipment all my life…and I was only 45 years old.”

Determined to get an answer, Alan made an appointment at Acadian Hearing Services without any specific worries in mind. He explains, “I had been using Acadian Hearing for most of my patients that needed a hearing evaluation and all were satisfied with the care they had received.”

Now it was time for Alan to experience Acadian firsthand – and he wasn’t disappointed. He says, “They provided great service and spent all the time with me that I needed.”

Hearing aids have greatly improved his life – at work and at home. “I have been able to continue to function at a professional level ‘listening’ to my own patients and not constantly having to have them repeat themselves.

“At home, I never watch much TV, but I don’t have to turn up the volume on my music so loud that everyone else knows ‘the old music’ that I’m listening to…”

Rating Acadian Hearing Services 10/10, Alan hopes others will make an appointment and find a solution for their hearing loss. He concludes, “You will never know how much you are missing until you get tested and see what they can do!!!”

– Alan


“They are the best.

Betty became aware of her hearing loss one day while at work.

She recalls, “A co-worker was standing at the office door and I couldn’t understand what she was saying.” So, Betty didn’t hesitate to make an appointment at Acadian Hearing Services to get her hearing checked. She says her main concern at that point was, “I hope they can help me.”

Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, Betty learned more about her hearing loss and the best options she had to consider.

Now, with her new hearing aids, her hearing is back on track. Betty describes her hearing aids as “awesome” and adds, “I can now hear even my great grandkids when they are asking questions.”

Encouraging others to follow in her footsteps, Betty says, “Don’t wait, go see them now. They are the best.”

– Betty


“Excellent service”

When Michael decided to do something about his hearing loss, the “quality of product” was particularly important to him.

Upon coming to Acadian Hearing Services, he says he experienced “excellent service.” Following a conversation with his audiologist and a comprehensive hearing assessment, hearing aids were prescribed that were tailored to his individual needs.

Michael is happy with his hearing aids and says they are a “superb improvement” when it comes to hearing. Rating Acadian Hearing Services 10/10, he encourages others to make an appointment, saying they’ll get a “professional service.”

– Michael


“Clear hearing is better than failure to understand what others are saying.”

Hearing loss can be frustrating – not only for the person with the hearing loss but for their family and friends as well.

Luther recalls, “I realized that I had a hearing problem when my spouse started complaining that I kept asking her to repeat what she said.” Wanting to make life easier for himself as well as his wife, Luther made an appointment at Acadian Hearing Services, despite his concerns.

“My biggest concern was finding someone that could provide good service at a reasonable price,” he says. However, Luther’s friends “had described the people and the service that they [Acadian] provided,” which made it easier for him to move forward.

As it turns out, all went well at Luther’s appointment. “My first impressions were positive. All of the usual issues associated with appointments, getting to know their office, understanding the nature of the ear test testing , and understanding the results,” says Luther.

Now, with his new hearing aids, Luther encourages others to get their hearing tested. He says, “Clear hearing is better than failure to understand what others are saying.”

Rating Acadian Hearing Services 10/10, Luther adds, “Call the office and get an appointment as soon as possible.”

– Luther

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