Access Advanced Hearing Healthcare Services from Your Home

Although it may seem like our world has changed overnight due to the COVID-19 crisis, modern technology means that we can still get things done and effectively communicate with others.

Perhaps you’ve already experienced the ease of shopping online, virtual business meetings, and banking from the comfort of your home.

There is no better time than now to explore how modern technology can further benefit us and meet the new challenges we face.

Acadian Hearing Services is excited to step up to the challenge by introducing its Tele Audiology service – Access Audiology.

Now you can receive the same professional audiological care you would receive at our office but from your home.

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4 steps to access audiology

What is Access Audiology?

Our new Access Audiology service brings our audiologists and patients together through video conferencing. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or a computer to connect to your audiologist.

There is no need to leave your home or travel, therefore it is a safe and convenient way to address your hearing issues and receive the advice and care you require.

Whether this is your first audiology appointment or you are already part of the Acadian Hearing family, you can get the answers you need using Access Audiology. Any concerns or questions will be resolved, and if you already wear one the latest hearing aid devices, we can remotely adjust or reprogram your devices too.

How to Book an Access Audiology Appointment

Relax and chat openly to your audiologist during your private and confidential appointment. There is no need to feel apprehensive or worried as patients often feel when reaching out to an audiologist for the first time.

Get the reassurance and care you seek through the convenience of Tele-Audiology. Your 15-minute appointment is complimentary and 100% obligation free, making this the perfect way to address your hearing concerns or issues in a one-on-one video appointment with one of our caring, expert doctors.

Book an Access Audiology Appointment

Access Audiology appointments are complimentary and aim to give you the help and advice that you need to make the right decisions for your hearing health or a loved one’s hearing health.

To take advantage of this unique service, simply complete the form on this page and a member of the Acadian Hearing Services team will phone you back to confirm your appointment and give you instructions on the next steps.