Hearing Aid Repairs

Offering Prescription Hearing Aid Repairs for All Manufacturers and Models Across Lake Charles and the Surrounding Areas

We all know how frustrating it can be when an essential piece of technology, such as your prescription hearing aids, stop working.

These small but powerful devices allow millions of people to interact with loved ones and families. And without them, they can feel disconnected from those who matter most to them

The team at Acadian Hearing Services recognize this, and that’s why they’re providing hearing aid repairs and support to people throughout Lake Charles and the surrounding areas.

For simple problems, you can get support from our experts via a phone or video call. During these friendly conversations, they can offer you useful advice and potential solutions.

But if you encounter a more significant issue, our in-office specialists will be able to step in, diagnose the problem, and in most cases make the necessary repairs so that you can hear better in no time.

In addition, if your devices have extensive technical problems, Acadian Hearing Service’s team can contact your hearing aid manufacturer to find a quick solution.

If you require any help or have any questions, then either call one of the offices or complete the form on this page.

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The Repair Service

It’s important that you get the right support as fast as possible when your prescription hearing aids stop working.

That’s why our specialists, with years of experience, are the right people to trust with these very complex pieces of equipment.

At our office, they can diagnose issues and repair devices that suffer from a range of problems.

And if they recognize that the issue requires further expertise, they can arrange for your hearing aid’s manufacturer to carry out the repairs.

The instruments are sent by either Federal Express or DHL to ensure that they get back to you in no time at all.

The Loaner Service

In addition to repairing your devices, the Acadian Hearing Services team can also provide you with a loaner set of instruments.

This will mean that while you wait for your devices to be repaired, you’ll be able to experience the world around you with full clarity.

The offices stock a wide range of devices, and our specialists can provide you with a pair that meet or exceed the quality of your current hearing aids.

Schedule a Hearing Aid Repair

If you are looking to book a repair or get rapid advice, let us know now!

Our team of experts can answer your questions, offer support, and arrange an appointment at a time that fits your needs.

Simply complete the form on this page, and we’ll call you shortly.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a silly question!

The Home Support Service

The team recognizes that not everyone can visit the offices for repairs. That’s why you can also call a specialist for support and advice.  During these calls, conducted via phone or video link, your expert will be able to discuss the problems you’re experiencing and suggest a solution, click here for more information on our Access Audiology service. This is a great way not only to get quick assistance but to also understand how to stop a common problem from recurring in the future.  The team also wanted to offer support by way of helpful articles and video tutorials to enable you to fix common problems you might encounter at home.

Obtain an Estimate for Your Current Hearing Aids

Applicable to all brands and models (includes over-the-counter, PSAPs, and prescription devices)

In case you’re on the hunt for advanced hearing solutions and already use hearing aids, you might find value in acquiring an estimate for your current technology.

Depending on the make, model, age, and state of your devices, we’ll formulate a substantial estimate that could serve as a trade-in toward new, more advanced technology.

Simply fill out the form, and we will reach out to you with the estimated valuation.

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If you have any questions or would like to book a repair please call us at (337) 436-3277 or complete the form on this page.